The London Cooperative


The London Cooperative is an experimental research and writing project, undertaken by me and three other theorists: Kai Spiekermann (Government, LSE), Holly Lawford-Smith (Philosophy, Melbourne), and Adam Slavny (Law, Warwick).

The four of us met up for the first time in February 2016 with a number of ideas each. We have since been rotating the ideas and working on each other’s papers in a truly cooperative manner. The output will be four co-authored articles on: how to use thought experiments in normative theorizing, blameworthiness and changes in personal identity, relational egalitarianism, and the ethics of big data, which are now at different stages of the submission process.

Two London Cooperative articles have been published. One in the Journal of Politics (here) and one in the Journal of Moral Philosophy (here)


2 thoughts on “The London Cooperative

  1. Great idea David & co.! Maybe you could write up a blog post, or similar, describing your experience and giving tips to others who may want to try a similar thing?

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    1. Hi Fay,
      A blog post is in the making!


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