I am a Lecturer in the Government Department at the University of Essex. I live in London, though. I like it – my colleagues and students are great and I have time for both research and London fun.

Before that, I was at LSE for four years. First, doing a two-year postdoc on a MOBILEX-grant (from the EU). Second, as an LSE Fellow in Political Theory in the Government Department at the London School of Economics.

Before that, I was at Warwick and Aarhus – excellent places.

The details are below.


  • 2019 (Aug) –                    : Lecturer, Government, Essex
  • 2017 (Sep) –  2019 (Jul) : LSE Fellow, Government, LSE
  • 2017 (Jan) – 2017 (Aug): Research Fellow & Lecturer, Government, LSE
  • 2015 (Jan) – 2016 (Dec): Visiting Research Fellow, Government, LSE
  • 2014 (Sep) – 2015 (Jan): Teaching Fellow, Philosophy, Warwick
  • 2014 (Feb) – 2014 (Aug): Teaching Fellow, Political Science, Aarhus
  • 2011 (Feb) – 2014 (Feb): Ph.D.-fellow, Political Science, Aarhus


  • 2014 (Feb): Ph.D. (Political Science), Aarhus University.
  • 2010 (Jul): MA (Political Science), Aarhus University.
  • 2007 (Jul): BA (Political Science), Aarhus University.

Grants obtained:

2017 (April): BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant (£9,415)

2016 (Oct): Aarhus Political Science Bonus Grant (£2,000)

2015 (Oct): Aarhus Political Science Bonus Grant (£1,500)

2014 (Oct): MOBILEX Individual Post-doc grant (£240,000)

2010-2014: Various small grants for travel and workshop organization (£200-1,500)

Recent (‘ish) Presentations:

2020 (Sep):             Comment on “Phil. Objections to Discrimination”, CEPDISC, Aarhus, Denmark

2020 (Sep):             Mo Money, Mo Problems, MANCEPT, Manchester, UK

2020 (Jul):               Comment on E. McTernan’s “Taking Offence”, Warwick, UK

2020 (Jun):              Members Only?, XPT Summer Seminar Series, Essex, UK

2020 (Jun):              Mo Money, Mo Problems, Covid Seminar Group, Zoom

2020 (Mar):            Members Only?, Danish Association for Philosophy, SDU, Denmark

2019 (Dec):             Members Only?, EMTHCP, Patiala, India

2019 (Dec):             Mo Money, Mo Problems, Manchester, UK

2019 (June):            Members Only?, Topics in Contemporary Political Philosophy, Princeton, US

2019 (May):             Comment on B. Zacka’s “What’s in a Balcony?”, New Meth in Pol Theory, LSE, UK

2019 (May):             Comment on R. Fumagali’s “Slippery Slope Arguments”, Publ Pol and Reg, KCL, UK

2019 (May):             Members Only?, Ideas Incubator II, LSE, UK

2019 (May):             Changing the World, One Distinction at a Time, Essex, UK

2019 (Apr):             Relational Sufficiency, Festival of Ideas, Pompeu Fabre, Barcelona, Spain

2019 (Mar):             Intrusive, Harsh, and Pernicious, Having Enough, SDU, Denmark

2019 (Jan):               Extreme Wealth and The Limitarian Ethos, Utrecht, Netherlands

2018 (Dec):             Members Only?, Ideas Incubator, LSE, UK

2018 (Nov):             Changing the World, One Distinction at a Time, Bristol, UK

2018 (Oct):              Changing the World, One Distinction at a Time, SDU, Denmark

2018 (Jun):              Relational Sufficiency, Mini-workshop, Toronto

2018 (May):             When Responsibility and Justice Clash, LSE Supreme Spring Workshop

2018 (May):             Justice for Millionaires, CEU, Budapest

2018 (Apr):             Comment on A Mancilla’s “The Right of Necessity”, Oslo, Norway

2018 (Mar):             A Sufficientarian Ethos, AWPS, San Francisco, USA

2018 (Feb):              Sufficiency Workshop, Pompeu Fabre, Barcelona, Spain

2018 (Jan):               The Ethics of anti-consumerism, Justice and Markets, Aarhus, DK

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