This year, I am teaching:

GV909 – Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods

GV250 – Principles of Social Justice

GV252 – Discourse, Morality, and Power

All three courses are quite excellent and you should definitely take them if you get the chance.

I am also (co-)supervising Natasha Osben’s PhD-project on state harm and the ethics of welfare benefit conditionality. I enjoy PhD-supervision and would be happy to take on more students.

Previously, I have taught:

The Liberal Idea of Freedom (LSE)

Contemporary Disputes About Justice (LSE)

Foundations of Political Theory (LSE)

Contemporary Political Theory (LSE)

Descartes and Mill (Warwick)

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (Warwick)

Introduction to Philosophy (Warwick)

Political Theory (Aarhus)

Development Theory and Development Economics (Aarhus)

Equality and Justice (Aarhus)

Poverty (Aarhus)

These courses were all quite excellent and, if you missed them, that’s a real shame.

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