Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

2019: Axelsen, D.V., “Against Institutional Conservatism”, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy 22:6

2019: Axelsen, D.V. (with Juliana Bidadanure), “Unequally Egalitarian? Defending the Egalitarian Credentials of Social Egalitarianism,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 22:3

2019: Axelsen, D.V. (with J. Bidadanure & T. Meijers), “Introduction: Equality, Responsibility, and Justice,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 22:3

2018: Axelsen, D.V. (with P. Vandamme & L. Nielsen), “Introduction”, Just Enough, Law, Ethics, and Philosophy 5

2018: Axelsen, D.V. (with Siba Harb), “Owing Me, Owing You: Sufficiency, Demandingness, and Global Justice”, Law, Ethics, and Philosophy 5

2017: Axelsen, D.V. (with Lasse Nielsen), “Capabilitarian Sufficiency,” Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 18:1.

2015: Axelsen, D.V. (with Lasse Nielsen), “Sufficiency as Freedom From Duress,” The Journal of Political Philosophy, 23: 406-426.

2013: Axelsen, D. V., “The State Made Me Do It: How Anti-cosmopolitanism is Created by the State,” The Journal of Political Philosophy, 21: 451–472.

2012: Axelsen, D.V. (with Lasse Nielsen), “Three Strikes Out: Objections to Shlomi Segall’s Luck Egalitarian Justice in Health,” Ethical Perspectives, 19 (2), 307-316.


Book Chapters:

2016: Axelsen, D.V. (with Lasse Nielsen), ”Essentially Enough: Elements of a Plausible Account of Sufficiency” in Fourie, C. and Rid, A. (ed.), How Much is Enough? (2016), Oxford University Press.

2016: Axelsen, D.V., ”Aktivistisk Politisk Teori” in Hansen, R. S. and Midtgaard, S. (ed.), Metoden i Politisk Teori (2016), Samfundslitteratur.

2013: Axelsen, D.V., ”Det var staten, der fik mig til det!” in Jensen, C. (ed.), Politologisk Årbog 2012-2013, Hans Reitzels Forlag.

2013: Axelsen, D.V. & Lasse Nielsen, ”Freedom From Duress: Sufficiency, Capabilities, and Positional Goods” in Nielsen, L, Kapabiliteter, sundhed og retfærdighed, Forlaget Politica.


Ph.D. Thesis:

2014: Axelsen, D.V., Global Redistributive Obligations in the Face of Severe Poverty, Forlaget Politica.


Papers in the Making:

  • Axelsen, D.V., Changing the World, One Distinction at a Time
  • Axelsen, D.V. & L. Nielsen, Harsh and Disrespectful
  • Axelsen, D.V., J. Christensen & T. Parr, Justice for Millionaires?
  • Axelsen, D.V. & L. Nielsen, Being Responsible and Holding Responsible
  • Axelsen, D.V., The Least We Can Claim: Basic Misunderstandings About Basic Needs
  • Axelsen, D.V. & T. Parr, Knowledge and Future Generations
  • Axelsen, D.V. & T. Meijers, Duties to Future Foreigners
  • Axelsen, D.V. & R.S. Hansen, Hypothetical Examples as Arguments
  • Axelsen, D.V. & P. Mouritsen, The Limit to Your Love: Can Patriots be World-citizens?
  • The London Cooperative, On Hypothetical Examples
  • The London Cooperative, Big Data Justice 
  • The London Cooperative, Many Hands, Many Times
  • The London Cooperative, On the Grounds, Site, and Value of Relational Justice
  • Axelsen, D.V., So What If You’re A Member? Against the Importance of Associations to Distributive Justice.


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