The London Cooperative


The London Cooperative is an experimental research and writing project, undertaken with three other theorists: Kai Spiekerman (Government, LSE), Holly Lawford-Smith (Philosophy, Melbourne), and Adam Slavny (Law, Warwick).

We met up for the first time in February 2016 with a number of ideas each. We have since been rotating the ideas and working on each other’s papers in a truly cooperative manner. The output will be four co-authored articles on: how to use hypothetical examples, changes in personal identity and blameworthiness, relational sufficiency, and the ethics of massive artificial intelligence systems, which are now nearing the submission stage.

2 thoughts on “The London Cooperative

  1. Great idea David & co.! Maybe you could write up a blog post, or similar, describing your experience and giving tips to others who may want to try a similar thing?

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    1. Hi Fay,
      A blog post is in the making!


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